Panic Button Monday

I just came up with that name.  I like it.

So, your season is over because Cam Newton didn’t put up 27 points, you wasted your first round pick on Chris Johnson, and Buffalo allowed 48 points against the “don’t take anyone from the” Jets.

Clearly there are going to be opportunities to correct any draft blunders after one week’s body of work.  But just because you’re down by 40 going into Monday Night Football, with only a kicker yet to play, doesn’t mean the season’s over. 

Let’s start with wide receivers,where there’s always going to be players available on free agency/waivers.  Kevin Ogletree has already played the best game of his career, but Tony Romo has a knack for getting third receivers involved.  I think it’s realistic for him to average 50-60 yard for most of the games the rest of the year, and 4-6 touchdown.  Pick him, up, stick him on the bench and see what happens.  Eventually, he could be come an attractive alternative to guys the caliber of Stevie Johnson, Nate Washington, Santana Moss, etc.

Randy Moss is available in 34% of Yahoo leagues.  Ask yourself this:  Are there thirty men on the planet that are better receivers than Moss?  Maybe.  Are there forty?  Probably not.  A guy who has proven he can do it, even on a team with an unspectacular quarterback, Moss is good for half-a-dozen touchdowns and maybe one or two 100-yard games. 

Still not sold on any Jet, so don’t go too crazy over Stephen Hill. 

Alshon Jeffrey is available in 67% of leagues.  Did you see him play this preseason.  I did.  Every snap.  Dude can play, and his highlight reel touchdown is going to be a wakeup call to fantasy owners.  Cutler’s going to have a nice year, with Brandon Marshall being the real beneficiary.  This only enhances Jeffrey’s fantasy value.

I understand the Rams are not going to be lighting up the scoreboard, but still, a first receiver is a first receiver.  People forget, Danny Amendola had 85 catches two years ago.  Yesterday, he led the Rams with 5 receptions for 70 yards.  I’m not saying he’s an elite prospect who should start from week-to-week, but you need his kind of productivity on your bench to be a stop-gap when your regulars are banged up or on a bye week.

Let’s move our attention to running back.  Now, I just reviewed my notes, and I have multiple mentions of Chris Johnson looking good in pre-season against the Bucs and Cards.  CJ should average over four yards PER CARRY, not PER GAME.  This situation needs to be monitored closely.  It does appear that his fantasy production peaked three years ago.  There’s a chance he’s not even good for 1,000 yards anymore.  Scary for owners who took him late first, early second.

Alfred Morris is out there people.  Not a ton of yardage, but two touchdowns including goal line carries in a Shanahan offense is always attractive.  You need to see a bigger body of work as there are three other guys vying for playing time, but still, this was a great first start for the rookie Morris.  He was only drafted in 26% of league.  I have him on many of my rosters because, well… I watched EVERY SNAP of EVERY pre-season game.

Not a lot to draw from the quarterback position, but to acknowledge that RGIII had a great first game.  Eerily similar to what Cam did last year.  Speaking of Cam, the drop-off I predicted for him appears to be arriving right on schedule.  I can’t believe people were taking him in the first and second round… especially when you could have gotten Peyton Manning in the fifth.  For all the questions about his neck and the year off, Manning put up double-digit fantasy points despite a pedestrian first half. 

The only other quarterback observation is Matt Schaub.  He’s a top ten fantasy quarterback and might just be available in your league.  Other than that, don’t go nuts and pick up Sanchez.

Houston’s defense earned the most fantasy points, but they are likely to be unavailable in your league.  Look at Tampa, Atlanta, St.Louis, and maybe even Cleveland, who all put up decent fantasy stats, have rarely been drafted, and could be an upgrade depending on matchup.

It’s Panic Button Monday, people.  Do yourself a favor and make one move this week.  What are the chances that you’ll be hurting your team by dropping your fifth WR in favor of someone who has shown some serious upside this season already?  Odds are you’ll be added a contributor that beats whatever afterthought you selected in round 14. 


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