Week 5 Results

I had a very good week five, as my combined win-loss record was 18-5-1.  It’s time for ESPN to start using fractional points, because ties are just the absolute worst.  Keep in mind, my twenty-four teams are allotted in across NFL.com, Yahoo.com, and the aforementioned ESPN.com.  18-5-1.  That’s 77%.  That kind of winning percentage will get you into the playoffs.  Do I pull off that success rate every week?  No.  But I do okay.  I do okay.  

Overall, my teams are 76-42-2.  When I saw “42” losses, my initial reaction was sheer and utter panic.  Did my Fantasy Football Draft Matrix (ffdraftmatrix.com) fail?  Deep breath.  Do the match.  Okay, my winning percentage is 67%.  Even more impressive is the rate at which my teams would qualify for the playoffs if the season was to end today…64%.  Only 40% of all teams make the playoffs.  When a 40% success rate improves to 64%, that’s a 60% increase!

That said, just as I’m about to spike the football, I’m afraid my reign of pretty-friggin-good is in serious jeopardy.  You see, I have Julio Jones on seven of my teams.  When a second round player goes down for the season, it might be too much for any fantasy team to endure.  Who am I going to find in free agency or waivers that can replace his production?  Vincent Brown?  Luckily, I’m loaded at TE across most of my teams as I routinely drafted Julius Thomas, Jordan Cameron, and Jimmy Graham, so it’s kinda like having an extra player when you have an elite TE.  Plus, ESPN allows TE’s at the flex position, so I’ll have teams that are starting two of the three previously mentioned TE’s (Cameron, Graham, Thomas).  I guess what I’m really trying to say is… I’m not the type to make excuses for poor fantasy performance, but IIIIII”m gonna make an excuse for poor fantasy performance going forward just in case.  Here’s a quick snap shot of where I am overall: 67% percent winning percentage, with 64% of my teams making the playoffs.  By the way, that’s the exact same percentage of my teams that made the playoffs last year across 28 leagues.

Again, the reason for this impressive rate of success is two-fold.  First I employ my patented fantasyfootballdraftmatrix.com method of drafting.  Second, I produce my own weekly players projections which are proven the most accurate in the business. So not only am I drafting the players that will give me the best chance of winning, I’m also starting the right guys at the right time.  Here’s the results for my week five projections (which, I’ll admit doesn’t reflect my typical accuracy as compared to most weeks, but I still won the week vs my peers).

  • My QB projections were more accurate than NFL.com
  • My RB projections were more accurate than NFL.com and ESPN.com
  • My WR projections were more accurate than NFL.com and ESPN.com
  • MY TE projections were more accurate than NFL.com
  • My K projections were more accurate than Yahoo.com, NFL.com and ESPN.com
  • My DEF projections were more accurate than Yahoo.com and NFL.com

Typically, my projections are more accurate than all three sites in at least four of the six fantasy positions, but Yahoo has been really good lately.  I’ll come up with a bunch of stats later to support that.  Just make sure you check my projections on this blog on Sunday morning before you set your lineup.


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