What to do about Julio?

I my previous post, I mentioned that I have Julio Jones on seven of my twenty-four teams.  That’s a lot of lost production.  Here’s I’d like to document my next step for those seven teams, as I’ll either be relying on techniques I employ as part of the fantasyfootballdraftmatrix.com or seeking waiver wire/free agent pickups to save these doomed teams.  I’ve always said that the first round pretty much scripts itself in every draft; there’s very little deviation and guesswork in terms of who each teams is going to draft.  The second round is a big part of where each fantasy league is won or lost.  Typically, the most successful teams draft an elite WR in the second round.  In fact, based on last year’s study, 54% of the teams that led their league in scoring drafted at least one WR in the first two rounds.  The point is, losing Jones for the year is potential devastating for teams that use this time-tested drafting practice.  Well then, here’s what I got cookin’:

  1. Proposed a trade where I’d get Dez Bryant in exchange for Gronkowski and Amendola.  If I need to, I’ll replace Amendola with Josh Gordon in that same trade proposal.  Otherwise, my current receivers are: Gordon, Edelman, Amendola, Hartline, and Wallace.  There’s probably enough there to scape by. Or… Or.. ORRRRR… I could just pick up Justin Blackmon from FREE AGENCY.  Heck, I’ll do that and try to pull of the trade.  But as of now, I’ve lost Julio and gained Blackmon.  Not exactly a one-for-one swap, but it certainly reduces the sting of losing Julio.
  2. My second team with Julio has the following WR depth: H.Nicks. N.Washington, D.Moore, E.Royal, M.Wallace.  Arguably, the best available free agent WR’s in this league are: J.Simpson, G.Tate, E.Sanders, and R. Woods.  I have a little something for Robert Woods, but that’s hardly going to fill the void. I don’t believe in Terrance Williams just yet as my motto is “pick him up after two good weeks, start him after three.”  So I propose a trade where I’d give up D.Moore, E.Royal, M.Wallace, and F.Jackson for W.Welker.  That’s a lot to give up, but it doesn’t really hurt my team, as I’d still have H.Nicks, and N.Washington at WR (viable WR2 and WR3).  And though I love F.Jackson, I’d still have A.Foster, R.Bush, K.Moreno, and L.Miller in the backfield.  Plus I’d have two open roster spots to raid free agency.  Until I hear a trade response, I’ll drop Julio for Robert Woods.
  3. For my third trick, I decide to try to go for a straight RB for WR trade.  My backs are A.Foster, K.Moreno, G.Bernard, and F.Jackson.  I think Moreno can get me a top 15 WR, and Bernard can get me a top 20 WR.  I propose K.Moreno for J.Nelson OR, E.Decker OR, T.Smith.  I also propose G.Bernard for R.Wayne, OR L.Fitzgerald.  Hopefully, one of those five will click.  Otherwise, I dump Julio for Minnesota DEF b/c they’ve scored at least 9 points in three of their first four games, and they play the struggling Giants next week.  
  4. B.Powell, T.Hilton, and R.Gronkowski for Victor Cruz.  I still have A.Foster, F.Gore, and K.Moreno at RB and J.Thomas at TE.  Also proposed Calvin Johnson for T.Hilton, R.Gronkowksi, B.Powell, and K.Allen.  Also, I’d give up F.Gore for D.Thomas.
  5. Dropped Julio for P.Rivers from Free Agency because my usual QB starter Matt Ryan has a bye.  Otherwise, I’m not making a trade offer here because I have A.Johnson, T.Hilton, B.Hartline, H.Knicks, K.Thompkins, and M.Wallace at WR, and I’m confident that two or three of those guys will emerge as starters.  
  6. Vincent Brown from Free Agency.  
  7. Terrence Williams from Free Agency.  

This is definitely a critical time for fantasy football owners, as playoff teams are starting to emerge.  At fantasyfootballdraftmatrix.com, there’s a chapter dedicated to how to overcome a first round draft bust.  The same principle would apply to surviving a key injury to an elite player like Julio Jones.

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