Week 10 Update

19-5… again.  Ho hum.  Just another week of winning 79% of my games.  There is bad news, but I’ll save that for paragraph two.  My teams averaged 97.14 points per game, and if the season was to end today, 19 of my 24 teams would make the playoffs, which is also a 79% rate.  Keep in mind only 40% of fantasy football teams make the playoffs, so let the record show that if you use the fantasy football draft matrix to build your team, and use this blog to set your lineups, you pretty much double your chances of getting to the post-season!  For more information, visit http://www.fantasyfootballdraftmatrix.com.

Now for the bad news.  I have Arian Foster on 10 of my teams.  While the fantasy football draft matrix had him ranked as the second overall back, at this point in time, he’s the 19th ranked running back in terms of fantasy points.  That is certainly a disappointing standing, but he’s still a double-digit per week producer and was actually a decent RB2 for me on many of my teams.    While, I won’t go all out and say Foster was a bust this year, it is worth noting that there is a chapter in the downloadable e-book at http://www.fantasyfootballdraftmatrix.com on drafting strategies to help you survive a first round flop.

That said… it’s excuse-making time.  Arian Foster was drafted to 10 of my 24 teams.  Julio Jones was drafted to 7 of my 24 teams.  On 5 of my 24 teams I drafted Foster AND Jones.  What am I getting at?  Well, I’d like to take a snapshot of where I am at this point in time across all teams to see where I was before Foster went down, and compare that to where my teams actually end up.  This is the nature of fantasy football, friends.  Sometimes, you score 120 points and lose.  Sometimes, you score 70 points and win.  Sometimes, your first two draft picks go down with season-ending injuries.  Maybe my next book should be about how to work the waiver wire.

Bullet points.  ASAP!

  • Of the 10 teams on which I drafted Arian Foster, they are currently ranked in their individual league as follows: 8th, 3rd, 1st, 3rd, 1st, 2nd, 5th, 4th, 1st, and 5th.  On average, these teams are in 3rd place which would qualify them for the playoffs. 
  • As previously mentioned, 19 of my 24 teams would currently qualify for the playoffs.  I expect this number to drop since the loss of Julio Jones on 7 of my teams, and the loss of Arian Foster on 10 of my teams.  Devastating.
  • My 24 teams are averaging over 98 points-per-game, which again, I expect to crater considering I’m losing a legit double-digit producer in Foster.

Look, I’m going to do all I can on the waiver wire to try to maintain my current rate of success.  But you can’t churn butter with a toothpick.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think that picking up Bobby Rainey will salvage my civil war-like injury-laden rosters.

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