Week 14 Results

The regular season is over across all platforms.  Again, I’m in 24 fantasy football leagues.  I use the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix to create my teams, as well as my own projections (found on this site) to set my lineups every week.  Week 14 wasn’t overly spectacular, as my teams won 56% of the time.  But now that the regular season is in the books let’s take a look at the larger trends that have emerged from the unbelievable successful season I’ve had… the type of success I’d like help you obtain.

  • In Week 14, my teams averaged over 102 points per game.  Teams that score 100+ points win 89% of the time.
  • 6 of my 24 teams finished in first place in their league; 25%
  • 7 of my 24 teams finished in the top two; 29%
  • 14 of my 24 teams finished in the top three; 58%
  • 18 of my 24 teams finished in the top four (playoff-bound); 75%
  • 23 of my 24 teams finished in the top six; 96%
  • 4 of my 6 teams that did NOT qualify for the playoffs, missed the post-season by one win or tie-breaker.
  •  8 of my 24 teams led their leagues in scoring; 33%
  • 11 of my 24 teams finished in the top two in scoring; 46%
  • 17 of my 24 teams finished in the top three in scoring; 71%

Interesting that 8 of my teams led the league in scoring, but only 6 of my teams finished in first place in terms of wins/losses.  See?  I have bad luck, but STILL succeed at a high rate.  Across my study of over 50 leagues during the past two season, I found that teams that score 100-plus points in a given week win their game at a rate of 89%.  When I score 100 points or more, I only win at a rate of 77%.  So, if the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix can work for unlucky me, it can work for anyone.

Now for my favorite part.  This is where I look at the improvement my methods offer.  I compete in 10 team leagues in which the top four teams (by win/loss %) make the playoffs.  This means, only 1 out of 10 teams can be ranked in first place in their league.  That is to say, 10% of all all fantasy football teams will finish first.  Furthermore, 4 out of 10 teams make the playoffs, or, 40%

My teams finish in first place at a rate of 25%.  My teams make the playoffs at a rate of 75%

Feel free to click here (and use the “What is the percentage increase/decrease” function) to verify these numbers, but here’s my rate of improvement in these two categories:

  • Increasing 10% to 25% is a 150% increase.
  • Increasing 40% to 75% is a 87.5% increase.

That means teams using the FFDM and the projections found on this site make the playoffs 87.5% more often, and are the top seed in the playoffs 150% more often.

Not bad for a guy who drafted Arian Foster 10 times (out for the year since week 9), Julio Jones 7 times (out for the year since week 5), and Rob Gronkowski (missed the first six games and out for the year after last week).  Again, these are all top draft picks.  I took Foster TEN times in the first round.  I picked Julio 7 times in the second or third round.  The Gronker fell to me  in the fifth round 10 times.  I drafted ALL THREE of these guys on 3 of my 24 teams.  Two of them made the playoffs.  I drafted at TWO of these three guys on 5 of my teams…and 4 of those teams made the playoffs.

This illustrates perhaps the greatest strength of utilizing the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix to build your team.  Basically, your team becomes first round draft bust proof.  Arian Foster did not play an entire season, and by the time his season was over, he had produced the 19th most points among RB’s.  In other words, the player I drafted most frequently in the first round among my 24 teams did not adversely affect my seasons by his disappointing production and season-ending injury.  75% of my teams still made the playoffs.

For more information, visit fantasyfootballdraftmatrix.com.  The new down-loadable e-book will be available in the summer, and will once again offer a “make the playoffs or double your money-back” guarantee.

First draft of this week’s projections will be up before tonight’s game.


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