5/15/14 My 2013 Preseason Projections vs The Experts

courtesy of Salvatore Vuono / freedigitalphotos.net

Greatness in fantasy football is a two-part equation:

  1. Have a successful draft
  2. Start the right players each week

The reason HALF of my 24 teams went to the finals in 2013 is because of my peerless draft strategy (Fantasy Football Draft Matrix©) and my accurate weekly starter projections.  In this article, I’ll be comparing my preseason player rankings to the experts at Yahoo, NFL, and ESPN.  And trust me, the comparisons are NOT what you think.

In this incredibly simplistic table, I’ve put a check mark next to the positions in which I projected the most (or tied for the most) players that actually finished in the top ten.  And again, these results are from last season (2013).


In other words, at every position except QB, I correctly projected the most amount of players that actually finished in the top ten at their position.

Here is how my 2013 fantasy football preseason projections compared with NFL, Yahoo, and ESPN.  It is important to note that the format in which I’m presenting my rankings is NOT how the players are arranged in the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix©.  Very important.


Here’s what I see… Brees, Rodgers, Manning, and Brady were in every top 5.  Digging further, Brees and Rodgers were always 1-2.  Manning was always 3-4.  And Brady was 4th or 5th on every board.


Here’s what I see: Peterson, Foster, and Martin were in every top 5.  Lynch was in 3 of 4.


Here’s what I see:  Calvin Johnson was the consensus hombre.  Bryant, Marshall, and Green took turns at 2-4.  Julio was 4th in 4 out of 4.  And it’s the same EXACT FIVE names on every list.


Here’s what I see:  Obviously, The TE position is owned by Superstar Jimmy Graham.  But from there is a steady mix of Gronk, Witten, and Gonzalez.


Here’s what I see:  Tucker on 3-out-of-4.  Walsh on 3-out-of-4.  Bryant on 3-out-of-4.  Tucker on 3-out-of-4.  And of course, Gostkowski on 3 out-of-4  That’s 5 kickers on 75% of the top five projections.


Here’s what I see:  SF is on every top five.  So is Seattle.  So is Chicago.  Houston is there 75% of the time.

My preseason projections aren’t so spectacularly unique as compared the fantasy football experts at ESPN, Yahoo, and NFL.   So, you see… there isn’t a lot of diversity when it comes to expert projections.  That said, what is the difference between a fantasy stud who makes the playoffs more often than not versus your typical also ran?  Sometimes, it’s who you DON’T draft that makes the difference.  That, and having the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix©.

In a world where every fantasy football player is drafting off basically the same list, who has the edge?  The person with the best strategy.

Whose cheat sheet do you use?  Do you wing it as you go?  Ever use a magazine or do you let the computer do all the work?

Order Fantasy Football Playoffs Guaranteed today.  It comes with a DOUBLE your money back guarantee… if you buy the book or dvd, use the fantasy football draft matrix to draft your team, and use the projections found on this site to set your lineups every week, I guarantee you will make the playoffs, or DOUBLE your money back! – Steve Broadway, Author Fantasy Football Playoffs Guaranteed


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