5/22/14 NFL Fantasy Live 5/16/14 Featuring a Ridiculous Prediction

courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net
courtesy of Stuart Miles/freedigitalphotos.net


The big thing to come out of this episode of NFL Fantasy Live was a mock draft that was held by Michael Fabiano, Adam Rank, Marcas Grant, and Jason Smith.  Adam Rank made a preposterous prediction for Peyton Manning which I couldn’t believe. But before we get to that, let’s bullet point the episode:

  • Fabiano points out that since 2009, only 4% of NFL rookie Wide Receivers finished in the top 20 in fantasy scoring at their position.  There was an interesting on-screen graphic shows the rookie year production of Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas, Michael Crabtree, Jordy Nelson, Calvin Johnson, Brandon Marshall and Roddy White:  all of them had less than 50 receptions, 800 yards, and 7 TD’s their first year.  So naturally, they spend ten minutes on the show taking about this year’s crop of rookie receivers you should draft.  Wait, what?
  • “A major fantasy sleeper.”- Fabiano on Johnny Manziel.
  • Bishop Sankey (RB), Mike Evans (WR), Terrance West (RB) should be the first rookie off the board.
  • Major offseason moves: Eric Decker (NYJ), Desean Jackson (Was), Rashad Jennings (NYG), Chris Johnson (NYJ), Stevie Johnson (SF), Maurice Jones-Drew (Oak), Knowshown Moreno (Mia), Hakeem Nicks (Ind), Emmanuel Sanders (Den), Ben Tate (Cle), Michael Vick (NYJ).

And finally, the first round mock draft unfolded like this:

  1. LeSean McCoy
  2. Adrian Peterson
  3. Jamaal Charles
  4. Matt Forte
  5. Marshawn Lynch
  6. Alfred Morris
  7. Aaron Rodgers
  8. Eddie Lacy
  9. Le’Veon Bell
  10. Calvin Johnson

But didn’t these guys just do a mock draft in March after the free-agency period?  Yes they did.  This is how that 1st round mock draft looked:

  1. Jamaal Charles (not since 2007 has a RB repeated as scoring champ)
  2. LeSean McCoy
  3. Adrian Peterson
  4. Matt Forte
  5. Marshawn Lynch
  6. Eddie Lacy
  7. Le’Veon Bell
  8. DeMarco Murray
  9. Peyton Manning (Adam Rank “I say he gets close to 70 touchdowns.”)
  10. Calvin Johnson

I haven’t released my projections yet, but it’s pretty much going to look like these mock drafts.  You can flip a coin (if there was such a thing as a three-sided coin) for those first three players, as you probably can’t go wrong with Peterson, McCoy, or Charles.  I do think that Manning is worthy of a first round selection.  Alfred Morris is an interesting choice.  You wouldn’t think it by his fantasy value last year, but he did finish fourth in rushing yards.

But 70 touchdowns for Peyton Manning?  That would mean he’d have to thrown one more touchdown in every frame, and two more touchdowns in one game compared to last year’s record-shattering production by Manning.  Actually, I have my concerns about Manning.  That will be the subject of a future post.

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