5/28/14 Building Your Fantasy Football Financial Portfolio

courtesy of renjith/freedigitalphotos.net
courtesy of renjith/freedigitalphotos.net

Yes, I’m a retired financial planner. And I’ve been able to apply financial planning concepts to building successful fantasy football teams. This post is one example, where you will learn how you should think of the value of each position in your starting lineup. You’ll have to READ THE BOOK to learn more about how financial concepts can pertain to fantasy football.

One of the most important principles of financial planning is that you have to diversify your investment portfolio. Obviously, the more you spread out your wealth, the more you are protected from risk. Put another way, if you put all of your life savings in one company’s stock, you’d be in serious trouble if that one stock began to plummet. Of course, you could get rich, but as a fantasy football owner, you’re not looking to get rich with a roster of high risk players… but rather, you should aim to score 90-100 points every week, make the playoffs and have a shot at the title. Of course, half of the the 24 teams using the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix© and the Projections on this site made the finals in 2013, but that is an almost too good to be true statistic… even for my standards. Again, all I guarantee is that you’ll make the playoffs if you draft according to the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix© and set your weekly lineups, and you’ll make the playoffs guaranteed or DOUBLE your money back.

But back to the financial diversification thing. I am a retired financial planner, and I have applied my knowledge from that industry to consistently build playoff-calibre fantasy football teams. So here is a little insight as to how I think of each fantasy football position in terms of financial products. This is my rationale as it pertains to building my fantasy football financial portfolio:

  • QB = Mutual Funds. There’s plenty to choose from, they mostly perform well, but it probably won’t make you rich.
  • RB = Gold. A precious commodity. There’s only a handful of RB1’s and you better snatch one up to bolster your lineup.
  • WR = Stocks. Volatile. Even the most elite Wide Receivers will have the occasional week where they are held to two receptions. But of course, like a surging stock, a stud receiver will give you the occasional massive return of a 200+ yard week with two touchdowns.
  • TE = Penny Stocks. There’s not a lot to choose from here, but typically, one or two TE’s will produce enormous returns. Otherwise you have to settle for the also rans and corroborate your lineup at the other positions.
  • K = Kickers are like bank CD’s, saving accounts, or even a money market account. Safe. Consistent. Guaranteed (almost) to score. They will typically score between 5-10 points each game as if they are on autopilot. Since 1990, only about 3% of NFL games end with one team getting shut out. Obviously, a team that gets shut out would produce zero fantasy football points for their kicker. But think about the point totals that teams typically score: 17, 24, 27, 31. For a kicker that would be 5, 6, 9, and 7 pts respectively. Not every team is the ‘99 Rams. To put it another way, an NFL team scores 2-4 touchdowns and a kick 2-3 field goals in a typical game, so the kicker’s fantasy football points reflect that. But be warned… there is a significant difference between getting the BEST OVERALL KICKER vs THE 10TH BEST KICKER.
  • DEF = Life Insurance Policy. With life insurance, you pay your premium every month and hardly think about it. Your defense scores between 5-10 points every week. And then.. once a year… you’re QB throws for a pitiful 180 yds, and 3 INTs, your RB’s don’t get in the endzone, your stud WR is held to 2 catches for 21 yds… but… But… BUT… your defense gets 4 sacks, 1 fumble recovery, 3 INTs, 1 pick 6, allows 7 pts for a 30+ point week. That’s life insurance. Once a year when your team is dead, your defense can bring you back to life with a 30+ point game-winning week.

Note: this post is not intended to be used for your personal financial planning.  Please consult a professional for more information.

Order Fantasy Football Playoffs Guaranteed today.  It comes with a DOUBLE your money back guarantee… if you buy the book or dvd, use the fantasy football draft matrix to draft your team, and use the projections found on this site to set your lineups every week, I guarantee you will make the playoffs, or DOUBLE your money back! – Steve Broadway, Author Fantasy Football Playoffs Guaranteed

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