6/19/14 NFL Network’s 15 Point Challenge

On Monday, NFL AM did a fun fantasy-type segment called the 15 Point Challenge.  The object is to construct the best team from 5 fantasy positions (what, no kickers???) within the restrictions of a salary cap.  The cap is set at 15, and the players in each category are assigned a point total (i.e. salary).  Looking at the QB’s, Joe Montana would cost you 5 points against the cap, while Brett Favre would cost you 1.  To take it one step further, if you wanted to draft a team of five 3-point players (for a total of 15 pts) you would have a team consisting of Peyton Manning, Walter Payton, Steve Largent, Mike Ditka, and the ’00 Ravens.  Before I reveal my team, here’s the list so you can build your own all-time dream team.


5-Joe Montana

4-Tom Brady

3-Peyton Manning

2-Johnny Unitas

1-Brett Favre



5-Jim Brown

4-Barry Sanders

3-Walter Payton

2-Emmitt Smith

1-O.J. Simpson



5-Jerry Rice

4-Randy Moss

3-Steve Largent

2-Terrell Owens

1-Marvin Harrison



5-John Mackey

4-Tony Gonzalez

3-Mike Ditka

2-Shannon Sharpe

1-Kellen Winslow



5-’85 BEARS


3-’00 RAVENS




A few notes:  My first assumption is that we are only using players from the 1960’s to today.  The Running Backs are ranked almost perfectly.  The TE’s and Defenses are strong, too, but perhaps we are getting caught up in the moment with the Seahawks on the list.  WR’s look weak to me.  Cris Carter and Lance Alworth should be on there over Owens and Largent.  I also would have listed Dan Marino and Roger Staubach on my QB list at the expense of Manning and Favre.

Now to construct my team.

I have three absolutely, positively must-haves.  Jim Brown, Jerry Rice, and the ’85 Bears.  Of course that would put me at 15 points right there so I’m going to have to dump one of them.  The only way I can think to solve this dilemma is to think of it as a draft, and who would I take with the first overall pick.

Ladies and Gentlemen… the first pick: the 1985 Bears defense.  Still the best defense I’ve ever seen, and really the ONLY defense I’ve ever seen that other teams were afraid to play.  Their opponents looked terrified.  The Bears posted two shut outs in the post season, and carried their defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan off the field after winning the Super Bowl.

Which leaves me with the Brown vs Rice situation.  Again, thinking of this like a bizarre draft in which somehow I wheeled and sealed my way into the first two picks overall, I’d have to take Jimmy Brown over the G.O.A.T.  Play defense and run the ball.  Brown is the greatest running back of all-time.  He was also a kicker in college, so I know he could split the uprights even if kickers aren’t part of this draft.

To fill out the rest of my team.  Unitas at a 2-pt QB is a steal, since I consider him in the top two of all-time with Montana.  This puts me at 12 pts total.

I just don’t want Terrell Owens on my team, so I’d have to Marvin Harrison (another Syracuse guy!) and Shannon Sharpe.  Frankly, I’d rather have  Kellen Winslow over Sharpe, but that would put me at 14pts.  Or I could just “overpay” Winslow.  Is that an option?

So here’s my final roster: Unitas, Brown, Harrison, Sharpe, Chicago.

Actually, I think the best team could be built around Unitas (2-pts) and Walter Payton (3-points), since their price tag is so low.  I’d finish that team out with Randy Moss (4-pts), Winslow (1-pt), ’85 Bears (5-pts).  Wow!

Who would you draft to your all-time fantasy team using the list above?

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