7/6/14 Did You Know We Have A Podcast?



Manziel? Sankey? Watkins? Listen to find out…


Which player will have the most impact with a new team?


Analysis of Chris Johnson and Eric Decker, and their likelihood of success in 2014.


What to expect from Ben Tate and Golden Tate in 2014.


Julio Jones is coming off an injury, and Alfred Morris was disappointing in 2013. Can you trust these fantasy football studs in 2014?


There are some questions marks surrounding Marhsawn Lynch and Nick Foles. Can you trust them in 2014?


Thoughts on how Roddy White, Kyle Rudolph, and Michael Crabtree will perform in 2014.


Will Aaron Rodgers and Arian Foster get back to fantasy elite status?


Analysis of Robert Griffin III and C.J. Spiller in 2014.


Is Tom Brady still a top 10 Fantasy QB?


Which receiver has had the most targets per game over the past two seasons? And which WR is poised for a breakout year?


Which players could make the jump from RB2 to RB1 in 2014?


I call it “the secret sauce” to fantasy football success. Find out the one thing I do to prepare for fantasy football that cannot be surpassed… and how it will help you build a fantasy football playoff team.


Here are my thoughts on the drama that is unfolding in the Seattle Backfield. Plus, a big announcement about the next episode!


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