8/1/14 The Se7en Deadly Sins of Fantasy Football

What does the movie Se7en have to do with fantasy football?

It’s one of the seminal films of the 1990’s.  Gruesome, yet somehow understated, the movie Se7en (Seven) is many things: a movie every dude loves, the only reason you are aware there are seven deadly sins, disturbing yet irresistible, a big time resume highlight for the actors (Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, and Gwyneth Paltrow) and director (David Fincher), and an example of how an incredible twist ending can endure despite Brad Pitt’s delivery of “what’s in the box?”  Here’s a link to the end just for a refresher:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1giVzxyoclE

What's in the box? digitalart/freedigitalphotos.net
What’s in the box?

Is it the worst acting ever, or the best?

And there are lessons to be learned.  There are seven deadly sins in the world of fantasy football.  Sins that will cost you fantasy football glory.  We are all human, and we are prone to error.  So reflect, search your soul, and avoid the following transgressions…


Remember the guy who ate himself to death?  Don’t eat yourself to death!  Despite the dearth of elite RB’s, don’t draft three RB’s in the first three rounds.  I’ve done the study.  That’s a strategy that works less than 2% of the time.  You will miss out on WR’s and QB’s who will out-perform the RB you take in the third.  You might be thinking “if I load up on this position, I’ll have trade bait at some point in the season.”  Trust me, the only thing you can control is the draft.  You can’t control trades.


“If I draft a bunch of Denver Broncos I’ll score a lot of points.” -You.  Don’t do that.  It’s okay to draft Peyton Manning and Demaryius Thomas or Julius Thomas… but that’s it.  No more Broncos.  They aren’t going to put up the same numbers as they did last year.  Okay?  While a Manning, Thomas, Thomas, Ball, Welker, Sanders, Prater lineup sounds unstoppable, it never works out.  Oh, you’re a Cowboy fan?  DeMarco Murray, Dez Bryant, and Tony Romo in the first three rounds?  Not a good idea.  Don’t be greedy and marry yourself to one team, even if they are good players.  It just doesn’t work.  Plus, you’ll have to bench half of your lineup during a bye week.


Don’t get lazy on me.  Don’t go into auto pick mode half way through the draft.  The more I play fantasy football (over 25 years), the more I’m convinced that leagues are won with late round value picks.  If you tune out, or let the computer draft for you, there is no doubt you will miss the opportunity to steal skill position players poised for a breakout season.  Did I mention that I drafted Alfred Morris in 18 out of 28 leagues in 2012… 17 of those picks were in the last round of the draft?


Beware the fantasy man-crush.  As I just mentioned, I selected Alfred Morris a bunch of times late in the draft in 2012, and he led me to fantasy football playoffs and championships.  I couldn’t have more of a man-crush on the guy.  He was my boy.  I discovered him.  I watched him in preseason, and correctly predicted he would beat out Roy Helu Jr. and Evan Royster for the starting RB position for the Redskins.  He was a small college guy who succeeded on the biggest stage.  So last year, in 2013, I had to look in the mirror and admit that I had a full blown man-crush, and that my aspirations for Alfred Morris might be overblown, and that I should downgrade and avoid drafting him.  As a result, I only took him in 5 out of 24 leagues.  Again, I took him in 18 out of 28 leagues in 2012.  I’ll give myself enormous credit for recognizing that my personal feelings could influence my judgment.  Avoid the man-crush.  Ladies, this goes for you, too.  So if you rolled the dice on Eddie Lacy or Le’Veon Bell last year, if Cordarrelle Patterson came up huge for you down the stretch last year… if you find yourself becoming unnaturally attached to a fantasy stud that you feel you discovered, and you want to take your fantasy relationship to the next level… it’s time for a breakup.  Go in separate directions.  There’s plenty of fish in the sea.  Maybe it’s time to start seeing (drafting) other people.  Your personal feelings could be getting in the way of sound judgement.


If you would rather lose than draft a player from _____ team, you have a problem.  You could be the biggest fan of the New York Giants in the world, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors if you pass up Dez Bryant with the 21st pick out of principle because you’d never draft a player from a hated division rival.  There is no overlap when it comes to fantasy and reality.  This is no time to prove your loyalty to your hometown team.  After all, it is possible for Dez Bryant to score three touchdowns against the Giants, but the Giants could still win the game.  Just avoid doing a fist pump when it happens.


Face it.  Tom Brady is just better than you.  So is Tony Romo.  Their lives are perfect.  Their shoes cost more than your house. They date/marry women who are perfect.  That’s just the way it is.  Don’t leave them off your roster just because they were probably the guys who stole your prom date.  Be objective and look at the numbers.  Brady has been a consistent fantasy leader for the majority of his career, while Romo has been an underrated value pick for the majority of his.  Don’t let the pretty boy effect influence your decisions.


Maybe there’s a frenemy in your league that you want to stick it to.  So you decide to be cute and draft his/her favorite player a round too early just to be spiteful.  Don’t do that.  You’re not helping your team.  Getting personal with your draft selections won’t pay off if you’re not creating the highest scoring team possible.  Let your opponents sabotage themselves based on their biases.  For example, I was in a league last year where a hard-core Giants fan selected David Wilson in the first round.  Ouch.

So these are the seven deadly sins of fantasy football.  Avoid these acts of sabotage by steering clear of human nature .  If you do what the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix® tells you to do, you will eliminate these season-killing pitfalls.

Order Fantasy Football Playoffs Guaranteed today.  It comes with a DOUBLE your money back guarantee… if you buy the book or dvd, use the fantasy football draft matrix to draft your team, and use the projections found on this site to set your lineups every week, I guarantee you will make the playoffs, or DOUBLE your money back! – Steve Broadway, Author Fantasy Football Playoffs Guaranteed



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