10/31/14- Fantasy Football Live Review

Fantasy Football Live with Dave Briggs, Kay Adams, Takeo Spikes, Brian Westbrook, Brad Evans.

Here are the highlights from Thursday’s show:

  • The guys disagreed about whether Jeremy Hill will have a breakout game against Jacksonville if Giovanni Bernard does not play.
  • Kay Adams think you can do a lot worse than start Carlos Hyde, who she expects 10-12 touches.
  • Spikes like Cordarrelle Patterson this week, but Brian Westbrook does not.
  • Donte Moncrief has 12 targets last week, 113yds, and a TD last week.  He’s a WR3 this week.
  • Bust alert for Philip Rivers, Antonio Gates, Keenan Allen, Chris Ivory.
  • Brad Evans says Ryan Tannehill will be a top 8 QB this week.*
  • Tony Romo’s best case scenario is he plays through the pain and gets another 20 point game.  There is no worst case scenario unless he doesn’t play.
  • RGIII’s best case is he runs and passes for over 300 yards for 2 scores.  Worst case is if he doesn’t run, and is shut down by the Vikings.*
  • A.J. Green’s best case is he puts up 100 yards again.  Worst case: he’s used as a decoy.
  • Starting Charles Sims, Darren McFadden, Mike Wallace, and Andre Williams is plain silliness.
  • Despite some questions, play Eli Manning, Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Vincent Jackson with confidence.
  • Go ahead and roll the dice with Allen Robinson, Stevie Johnson, Jerick McKinnon, and Robert Griffin III.
  • Fearless Forecast: Brad Evans likes Chris Ivory for 100 yards and a TD.  Kay Adams likes Lance Kendricks and Kenny Britt.  Takeo Spikes likes Michael Vick.

There wasn’t a lot of content that I strongly agreed with.  It’s a weird week with lots of byes, so it’s hard to make blanket statements like “start this guy” or “bench that guy.”  Kay Adams thinks you could do a lot worse than Carlos Hyde.  Aren’t we talking about the 56th best fantasy back (according to total fantasy points scored)?  There’s only 10 RBs that have scored more fantasy points than Hyde that also have bye weeks this week.  Let’s see 56 minus 10 is like 40-somethin’.  So yeah, you could do a lot worse than Carlos Hyde.  But you could also do a lot better.  Cordarrelle Patterson is what he is at this point in his career.  I expect 2-3 more double digit games arbitrarily sprinkled throughout the season for Patterson.  Did you know Ryan Tannehill has been a top 10 fantasy QB the last four weeks, so I have no issue with Brad Evans’ prediction.  Earlier this year, I called Tannehill the best QB nobody drafted.  And finally, there is a reason why Cam Newton scores less fantasy points every year.  And it’s the same affliction that is going to hurt RGIII.  These NFL coaches strip away the primary asset that makes them fantasy stallions: their ability to run with the football.  Coaches do this to help them become better reality QBs.  Imagine the nerve that must take.  These coaches are putting the screws to the 41 million people that play fantasy football… why… just so they could win a few NFL games?  

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