11/1/14- NFL Fantasy Live Review

NFL Fantasy Live 10/31/14 With Matt Smith, Michael Fabiano, Adam Rank, Marcas Grant, and Akbar Gbajabiamila.

Here are the main points from Friday’s Halloween Episode:

(asterisk = I strongly agree)

  • With all the teams on bye this week, some top spot starts are Alex Smith, Anquan Boldin.
  • The following players are OUT this week: Giovani Bernard, Ryan Mathews, Jordan Cameron.
  • Doug Martin is doubtful.
  • Tony Romo, A.J. Green, and Owen Daniels are questionable.
  • Akbar likes Jeremy Hill and Bobby Rainey to shine in their expanded roles this week.
  • The Cowboys starters are good to go with or without Romo.  After all, Arizona gives up more fantasy points to WR’s than anyone.
  • Darren Sproles is probably back, and Akbar likes his matchup against Houston.
  • Brees, Ingram, and Graham are all playing well for the Saints, and you may have missed your chance to trade for Graham.*
  • Cam Newton was awful.*
  • DeAngelo Williams is the better start over Jonathan Stewart.
  • Better Spot Start: Carson Palmer over Ben Roethlisberger, Branden Oliver over Andre Williams, Terrance Williams over Cordarrelle Patterson.*
  • Fabiano thinks Andrew Luck will be the MVP for the second half of the season.  Grant thinks it will be Matt Forte.  Smith thinks Randall Cobb will be the MVP.
  • Spooky Starts (players you can start but not completely trust): Andy Dalton, Branden Oliver, Denard Robinson, Jerick McKinnon, Odell Beckham Jr, Brandon LaFell, Vernon Davis, Jordan Reed.
  • Week 9 WR Starts: DeAndre Hopkins, Terrance Williams, Doug Baldwin, Martavis Bryant,
  • Adam Rank likes: Nick Foles, Justin Forsett, Keenan Allen, Dwayne Allen.
  • Adam Rank dislikes: Tony Romo.
  • Week 9 QB Starts: Russell Wilson, Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith, Philip Rivers.
  • Week 9 RB Starts: Alfred Morris, Ahmad Bradshaw, Lamar Miller, Ben Tate.
  • Fantasy Zombies (players who will rise up this week): Wes Welker, Michael Crabtree, Cordarrelle Patterson, Bobby Rainey, Vernon Davis.

Broadway’s Breakdown: So we finally have the official word on Giovani Bernard.  There’s been a lot of speculation with most of the experts saying they like Jeremy Hill’s fantasy value this week.  He’s only averaging less than 3.9 yards/carry.  He’s got 3 touchdowns on 50 carries, which is 1 TD every 17 carries.  That second stat is attractive, but the 3.9 yards/carry is depressing.  Jacksonville’s defense is getting better every week, so I’m not feeling it as far as Jeremy Hill goes.  He’s only startable if the bye weeks are screwing up your lineup.  As for Cam Newton, he had a 10-yard rushing touchdown, and still only managed 12 fantasy points.  I’m not the type to say I to you so, but… I told you so.  If Cam is your QB, you have to make a move and get him out of there.  He’s only good for one 20+ point week the rest of the way.  Next, I agree with all the calls the guys made about who was the better spot start, so you may want to review that bullet point.  Finally, I don’t know how the heck you go on TV and predict that Randall Cobb, with be the MVP of the second half of the season, Matt Smith.  Yet another outrageous prediction for the sake of outrageous prediction.  Isn’t it obvious that Andrew Luck or DeMarco Murray will win that honor?

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