11/17/14- NFL Fantasy Live Recap

NFL Fantasy Live 11/17/14 with James Koh, Michael Fabiano, Akbar Gbajabiamila, Adam Rank, and Molly Qerim.

Here’s what you missed from Monday’s show:

  • Fabiano admits that he over-valued Shane Vereen and therefore overlooked Jonas Gray.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: At least I didn’t over-value Shane Vereen. Nobody could have seen Gray’s performance coming.  But at least I didn’t go to back for Vereen.
  • Adam Rank likes Roethlisberger as a start on Monday night, but not good for 6 TDs.. more like 2 TDs.  Think 15-20 fantasy points.  Akbar says 3, maybe 4 TDs.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown:  Put me down for 3 TDs tops.  Are we really predicting whether or not a QB will throw 6 TDs or not?  It’s gotta be hard to fill an hour long show, so I guess you have to throw silly segment fillers out there.  Personally, I’d be content with a five minute segment of just Molly Q doing… whatever.
  • Rank likes the matchup for Le’Veon Bell.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown:  Rank has Bell good for 13.4.  Akbar predicts 18 for Bell.  I have Bell putting up 13.8.  
  • Akbar notes that Delaine Walker is questionable, but you shouldn’t expect much production from him if he does play.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: If you have Walker in your lineup at this point, you are a desperate fool.  And I mean that in the best way.
  • Rank doesn’t like Bishop Sankey because he doesn’t get in the end zone.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: I agree.
  • Injury Report: Philip Rivers, Montee Ball, Ahmad Bradshaw, Larry Fitzgerald, Emmanuel Sanders, Brandin Cooks, Dwayne Allen, Julius Thom   as.  Cooks has a broken thumb and is out 4 weeks.  Ball left game in the 2nd quarter with a groin injury, and Fabiano says to cut him if you are in a 10-12 team league.  Emmanuel Sanders took a violent, legal hit.  Bradshaw may have a broken ankle.  Fabiano doesn’t like Trent Richardson in his spot.  Dwayne Allen suffered an ankle sprain and will miss some time.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: My only thoughts are that Trent Richardson officially becomes trade bait, and Colby Fleener becomes a waiver wire object of desire.
  • Who should I add: Kenny Britt or Josh Gordon?  Fabiano says Gordon
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: Sad.
  • Who should I drop: Wes Welker or Marques Coltson?  Akbar says drop Colston.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: Wrong.
  • Who should I add: Alfred Blue or C.J. Anderson?  Fabiano says Anderson
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: Fabs got something right.
  • Who should I drop: Jerick McKinnon or DeAngelo Williams?  Akbar says Williams.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: I say Williams, too.  I also say drop Cam Newton, but that wasn’t part of the question.
  • Fabiano says pick up Kenny Britt.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: I say pick up a new career, Fabs.
  • Akbar says start Jordan Matthews every week
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: I agree, Admiral.  But.. you’re off by a year.  Start him every week, next year.
  • Fabiano likes Josh McCown, Akbar was impressed with Ryan Mallett, Koh thinks Shaun Hill is a good game manager.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: If you are starting any of the QBs, you are not going to the playoffs.
  • Trade Deadline Tips: Fabiano says trade from strength (trade from positions where you have depth).  Rank says don’t make a panic deal, don’t trade for the sake of trading.  Akbar says trade 1 for 2, or 2 for 3 to attack weak areas in your roster.  Koh says if you are out of it, trade for your favorite player.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: Not bad advice on all fronts.  But, if you are out of it, I say trade 5 starters for a top 5 player regardless of position.  Andrew Luck and a bunch of C+ starters can win you a few games.


Steve Broadway is the author of Fantasy Football Playoffs Guaranteed, the only fantasy football guide that guarantees you’ll make the playoffs or DOUBLE your money back.  For more information, visit fantasyfootballplayoffsguaranteed.com

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