11/20/14- NFL Fantasy Live Recap

NFL Fantasy Live 11/19/14 with James Koh, Michael Fabiano, Molly Qerim, Marcas Grant, Elliot Harrison.  Here’s what you missed from Wednesday’s episode:

  • Ben Tate claimed by Vikings.  Grant says he’s worth picking up.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown:  Would I be surprised if Ben Tate became an adequate fantasy player in Minnesota?  Negative.  Would I be surprised if he gets lost in the oblivion that is the Minnesota offense?  Negative.
  • Fantasy concerns for all Redskins (especially RG3), except for Alfred Morris.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown:  Why are we still talking about RG3? Robert Griffin… meet Vince Young.
  • Brandin Cooks on Injured Reserve.  Pierre Thomas may actually benefit more than Kenny Stills.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown:  This was some excellent analysis.  I think the knee-jerk reaction was to say Stills would benefit from the Cooks injury.  I think it’s more accurate to say Pierre Thomas picks up the slack when he’s 100%
  • Julius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders both missed practice.  If neither can go, C.J. Anderson needs to step up (Grant).  Wes Welker may return to form (Grant).
    • Broadway’s Breakdown:  You had me up until the first “W” in Wes Welker.  I said it before… when Welker took that vicious shot to the spine against the Patriots, that was the symbolic exclamation point signaling the end of Welker’s fantasy relevance.
  • Larry Fitzgerald did not practice, and won’t be 100% against Seattle.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown:  Fitzgerald is as useless as dental floss at a Willie Nelson concert.  I wouldn’t waste a roster spot on him at this point.  When great receivers begin to lose it, they never get it back.
  • If Giovani Bernard suits up, he can be decent against Houston (Grant).  It will impact Jeremy Hill (Grant).
  • Arian Foster is day-to-day.  Grants advises not to drop Alfred Blue.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown:  I’d hold onto Blue, but strictly as a handcuff to Foster.
  • Fantasy Head Scratchers: Philip Rivers is a matchup-based starter (Fabiano).  Colin Kaepernick has zero rushing TD’s this year.  LeSean McCoy is going to go off this week (Fabiano).  Think of the Brown’s backfield as matchup-based plug and plays.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: Regarding LeSean McCoy, the body of work is big enough know to where we can say we know what McCoy is this year.  His line has been banged us., Frankly my criteria for evaluation him is the 10+ point mark.  He’s a 50/50 chance at double digit points from one week to the next, so if he get’s you 10 points, you’re happy.
  • Mike Evans has 25.27 ppt since week 9 and has a good matchup.  McCown’s value is rising (Fabiano).
  • Good Player, Bad Matchup: Russell Wilson, Jonas Gray, Calvin Johnson.
  • Average Player, Good Matchup: Isaiah Crowell, Jay Cutler, Vincent Jackson.
  • Jonas Gray is a better add than Kenny Britt, Start Jordan Matthews over Mohamed Sanu, Start Ryan Mathews of Andre Ellington, Start Kansas City over Buffalo.
  • Adam Rank’s Sleepers: Josh McCown, Dan Herron, Kenny Stills.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown:  The Dan Herron advice is very interesting.  He did look good in preseason.  Trent Richardson has been average.  Drop your backup TE and maybe take a shot at Herron.
  • Start ‘Em: C.J. Anderson, Jeremy Hill, LeSean McCoy, Denard Robinson, Mike Evans, Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, Sammy Watkins , Jay Cutler, Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Tony Romo
  • Sit ‘Em: Jonas Gray, Fred Jackson, Lamar Miller, Alfred Morris, Kenny Britt, Larry Fitzgerald, Pierre Garcon, Andre Johnson, Robert Griffin III, Joe Flacco, Philip Rivers, Russell Wilson
  • Expectations for Josh Gordon: Harrison, Fabiano, Grant are all positive on him.  Koh doesn’t think he’ll be up to form.
    • Broadway’s Breakdown: While I do expect Gordon to be elite down the stretch, 60 yards and a touchdown feel about right for his first game back.
  • Trade for Romo because the schedule is favorable (Fabiano).
  • Trent Richardson is a flex player (Fabiano).
  • Marcas Grant thinks Jordan Matthews can keep it going.


Steve Broadway is the author of Fantasy Football Playoffs Guaranteed, the only fantasy football guide that guarantees you’ll make the playoffs or DOUBLE your money back.  For more information, visit fantasyfootballplayoffsguaranteed.com

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