12/1/14- Panic Button Monday

Due to technical difficulties, I was unable to post this on the podcast, so I’ll use this opportunity to flex my writing muscles.

Now, normally, my Monday podcast is a weekly episode dubbed “Panic Button Monday”, with a theme of “CUT ‘EM, TRADE ‘EM, WAIVE ‘EM!”  Obviously it’s a response to the knee-jerk reaction that many fantasy owners have in the wake of a bad week.  I always say it’s the moves you don’t make, and the guys your DON’T draft, that make all the difference.  That said, here’s what I think that you should be thinking before the waiver wire deadline.

Ok, so Johnny Manziel “broke” the internet, and people are flocking to the waiver wires to pick him up.  What a joke.  Take away the rushing touchdown, and he put up 4 fantasy points in a quarter in garbage time.  I wouldn’t even pick him up as a free agent.  Do you honestly think he’s one of the top 10 fantasy QBs?  Negatory.

And don’t go nuts in picking up Colt McCoy.  He’s facing the Rams defense; a team that shut down and shut out their last two opponents.

CUT ‘EM: Steve Smith, Colin Kaepernick.

Dan Herron put up 13.6 fantasy points and is worth a waiver wire.  This may signal the end of Trent Richardson’s fantasy relevance.  If Latavius Murray is still around in your league… go ahead and pick him up on waivers.

You’re not making a move for Ryan Fitzpatrick, Kenny Stills, nor Dante Moncrief.

Cut Jonas Gray, because LeGarrette Blount is the new Beast Mode.

Don’t give up on Martavis Bryant just yet.  Four double-digit point weeks in a row has to count for something, no?

Terrence West, Branden Oliver, and Ronnie Hillman… your bus is leaving.

Steve Broadway is the author of Fantasy Football Playoffs Guaranteed, the only fantasy football guide that guarantees you’ll make the playoffs or DOUBLE your money back.  For more information, visit fantasyfootballplayoffsguaranteed.com

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