8/6/2015- Finally On The Cam Newton Bandwagon

After a spectacular rookie campaign in 2011, Cam Newton has scored less and less fantasy points every season. He has a rocket for an arm, he’s the biggest guy on the field, and he can run. At times, I felt like I was the only one who noticed his decline. I felt I was the only one who noticed he was scoring less rushing touchdowns every year. Over the past two years, I participated in 48 fantasy football leagues. I drafted Cam ONCE in that time. I’ve never been a fan.  Plus I really hate Auburn.

Until now.

When should you draft Cam Newton?

Cam Newton is no longer seen as a guy from the future playing QB in the NFL. Instead, expectations are where they should be.  He’s in the bottom half of the top ten fantasy QB’s, and the backlash to his coming back to earth is an ADP worthy of a guy who is going to throw for closer to 3,000 yards than 4,000 yard and rush for closer to 5 touchdowns than 10.


Think of the NFL’s Superman as more of a Clark Kent. Cam’s day-to-day existence will over-shadow his otherworldly potential. There will be glimpses when Cam will extend to the stratosphere, but for the most part he’ll be the mild mannered reporter clocking in at the Daily Planet getting the job done. I think he’s leveled out after the worst fantasy season of his career. I can’t prove it, but my gut is telling me the car accident has brought a focus, and even a peace of mind to Cam.

Regardless, he’s no longer a guy you’re going to have to stretch to get in the third round. ADP tells me you can get him in the seventh. Man is that a bargain for a top ten fantasy QB with top five potential.

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