Panic Button Monday

So you started Adrian Peterson…

It’s panic button Monday people.  Before you “Cut ’em! Trade ’em! Wave ’em!”, read my opinions about the players who are going to be just fine after a disappointing week one.

I’m the biggest Russell Wilson fan in the world, so I wouldn’t freak out after a disappointing week one.  I’m not sure where the Dolphins get off holding Seattle to such limited production, but that’s a PRO for Miami, not a CON for Wilson.  The injury to Wilson’s ankle is a different story.  Monitor the situation all week, but don’t even think about ditched Wilson.  I’d say the same for Dak Prescott.  Bad fantasy numbers, but the guy still passes the eye-ball test enough to keep him on your roster as a backup to see if he develops.  There’s always plenty of QB’s to go around.  Also, don’t go all crazy and drop Blake Bortles for Carson Wentz… yet.

I think I was the only fantasy expert in the world who didn’t give Ezekiel Elliot a first round grade.  After all the guy NEVER PLAYED A SNAP IN THE NFL.  They can’t all be Earl Christian Campbell, ya know.  Solid numbers?  Oh yeah.  Solid.  But not worth the number five overall pick you spent on him.  Not telling you to cut him; just tooting my own horn since no one will toot it for me.  Still, I’d explore a trade while his value is still high.

Adrian Peterson.  The x-factor here is the domino effect of Teddy Bridgewater’s injury.  Way to early to freak out, but there are reports coming out of Minnesota that Adrian Peterson is, in fact, an actual human being.  Talk to me next week.

I would, however, be a little worried about Thomas Rawls.  Christine Michael had more carries and more yards per carry that Rawls.  Plus… as some one who watches  EVERY SNAP OF EVERY PRESEASON GAME… I tell you, Michael is the better back.  That’s why I have Christine Michael on numerous teams, and I don’t have Rawls on ANY.  And I’m in over 20 leagues people.  I still like Eddie Lacy, too.  The Packers had two touchdowns from the six yard-line.  If one of those was a goal line carry by Lacy, we’re talking Fantasy Comeback Player of the Year.

Brandon Marshall scares me a little bit.  He is one of my favorite players of all time, but he is on the wrong end of thirty, and thought he was terribly over-valued by the other guys’ draft boards.  Antonio Brown scored zero points yesterday, but don’t panic.  He plays tonight!  See what I did there?

Tight ends are always tricky. A lot of their fantasy production is determined by whether or not they score a touchdown.  That said, feel free to pick up Jack Doyle, but I wouldn’t start him for at least another week.

But then again, what do I know.. I’m winning over 80% of my games this week!