Surviving Panic Button Week and My Results

So you drafted David Johnson 1st overall and now he’s done until December.  You opponent started Kareem Hunt, who he drafted in the 7th round.  It could be worse.

You could have started these guys (yes, this my lowest-scoring team in week one of the 2017 fantasy football season):


My Worst Team- Week 1 Fantasy Points
T.Brady 10.70
D.Freeman 9.90
C.McCaffrey 6.50
O.Beckham 0.00
E.Sanders 2.60
R.Gronkowski 3.30
P.Perkins 2.50
A.Vinatieri 2.00
Broncos 7.00
Total 44.50


What can I say? It was a rough first week for everybody.

  • Let’s get this out of the way.  Yes, I accidentally started Odell Beckham. I was perfectly aware he was injured, but I overlooked him while setting my lineups.  These things happen when you have over 20 teams.  
  • Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees all failed to make the top ten fantasy QBs in fantasy scoring.
  • LeVeon Bell put up… does that say 4.7 points?  He gain more yardage walking from his car to the locker room before the game started.
  • While Antonio Brown exceed his pre-game projection scoring 18.2 fantasy points, the other WR’s in the top ten averaged 7.93 points.
  • Rob Gronkowski had a TD called back because of a penalty.  But even if the TD had counted, Gronk STILL wouldn’t have made it to double digits.

Points were down across the board, and it’s time to make changes, right?  Negative!  I call it “Panic Button” week, because every fantasy owner wants to scrap everything and start from scratch.  And there’s always– when?…. ALWAYS!– exciting prospects on the waiver wire after the first game.  But many of them will prove to be one-hit wonders.  Do you think Alex Smith will get 30+ points again in week 2?  I don’t.  Although, now that I think of it, I could see Sam Bradford having another top 10 performance in week 2.  In other words, don’t bench Derek Carr for Alex Smith.  At least not yet.

Oh, let me get this out of the way.  I honestly thought in my gut that Carson Wentz would take a big step forward this year.  My projections did NOT reflect that.  I just didn’t have the guts, the fortitude, or the Philadelphia savoir faire to integrate that in my projections.  

I could go position-by-position and point out who the major overachievers were, as well as the underachievers.  I’m sure you’re adept at sorting data on a fantasy site so I’m not going to go into that.  

Just listen to what I’m about to say.  Or, read it.  Because you’re not here with me.

I’m not making ANY moves this week, and I’m in over 20 leagues.  None.  It’s important to stick to your guns by way of starting your draft picks.  They didn’t all suddenly forget how to play football.  Don’t be bummed about David Johnson.  Well, actually… yeah you should be bummed.  But, if you followed the rules of the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix®, you would have drafted 2 more RB’s that are not in a RBBC situation.

Actually, besides having faith in the guys you drafted, there’s another really good reason not to pick anyone up this week.  Depending on your standing in the waivers order, there is a good chance you can move up to the first stop in time for week two.  Think about it.  Scores were historically low this week.  Everyone is freaking out and “selling.”  When they pick a player off of waivers they move to the back of the line.  Eventually, you will be in the top spot, avoiding the one-hit wonders from week one.

Well, good luck in week two, everyone.  Stay the course.  Have faith in your draft picks.  If you drafted David Johnson, have a couple of cold ones and then circle the wagons.  Oh, and I have the most accurate projections in the business so go ahead and use them to pick your starting lineup.

As for my teams…

So as I pointed out, I had a bad week in the world of football that is pure fantasy.  It’s over.  I quit.  I’m terrible at this.  Why, David Johnson.  WHY?  Did Paul Perkins even play?  Thanks for nothing, Denver Broncos defense.  I had rough week.  However…

Then again, so did everyone else!

Nothing wrong with ugly wins, people.  I averaged a meager 75 PPG among my 20+ teams.  Pathetic.  But my opponents managed to average only 71.  Translation? I sucked less that you.  Woo! Actually, it wasn’t all bad.  Check out my highest scoring team:


My Best Team- Week 1
  D.Carr 18.68
  D.Johnson 7.10
  K.Hunt 40.60
  J.Nelson 13.90
  A.Green 7.40
  T.Kelce 4.40
  T.Montgomery 15.30
  Crosby 5.00
  Broncos 3.00
Total 115.38


I had 12 wins.  9 loses.  Translation?  I won 57% of my games.  Not great, but considering I overlooked Odell Beckham and started him by accident, I’ll take anything over .500.  

Projections coming later today…


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