So you always wanted a Mercedes?  

First, the availability of the players below is based on’s statistics.  Second, it’s really hard to make recommendations on whom to pick up when it’s really depended on your needs.  Do the best you can with this information, but I’m may go back to the old format of listing the players I’m attempting to claim in the 21 leagues in which I participate.  I welcome your feedback.

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Waiver, Free Agency or Neither:

Mercedes Lewis, TE (Available 99%)- Recommendation: FA. Actually, I’d take him with a waiver pick if I placed near the end of my league in the waiver wire queue. 24 points are as good as it’s going to get. After all, Blake Bortles didn’t turn into Dan Fouts overnight.

Chris Johnson, RB (Available 75%)- I’m not loving Chris Johnson, although I love his opportunity. While it’s nice that he’ll be getting a majority of the workload that was created when David Johnson was injured, that’s also part of the problem. He’s 32, he’s only played 5 games since 2016, and hasn’t rushed for 1,000 yards since the 2013 season. Plus, Kerwynn William will steal touches and may eventually emerge as the clear number one back in Arizona. Pass on Waivers, and pick him up in Free Agency if you are desperate for an RB2.

J.J. Nelson, WR (Available 30%)- Not sure about he’s worth a waiver claim. His production passes the “do it twice rule” but will possibly be affected by a returning John Brown in a few weeks.

Charles Clay, TE (Available 87%)- Recommendation: FA. He’s quietly the fifth highest scoring TE in fantasy football this year.

Jamaal Charles, RB (Available 78%) Recommendation: You should have drafted him in the 15! But worth FA. I’m particularly proud of his emergence, as I had him ranked RB48 on my draft board, while the other sites ranked him in the 100’s. That’s because I watch EVERY snap of EVERY preseason game. I knew Charles still had a burst. I can’t recommend a waiver claim, though, as C.J. Anderson has played very well this year, limiting Charles opportunities.

Chris Thompson, RB (Available 54%)- Recommendation: Waiver. You should have taken him last week. Double-digit points in all three weeks and goal-line carries, and an effective receiver…what more could you ask for. Samaje Perine is getting more carries now but has only averaged 2.9 yards per carry (40 carries in 2017).

Chris Carson, RB (Available 68%)- Recommendation: Waiver. You should have taken him last week. 11 fantasy points this week; let’s put it this way… Russell Wilson had the second most carries for the Seahawks.

Branden Oliver, RB (Available 98%)- Recommendation: Do not pick up.  He wasn’t particularly productive during Melvin Gordon’s time out of Sunday’s game due to a minor injury.

D’Onte Foreman, RB (Available 97%) Recommendation: FA. I thought you’d never ask. Foreman was one of those guys that made it onto my radar in the preseason (because I watch *every snap of every preseason game*). Not yet worth of Waiver claim, but only because he’s still so under the radar, he should clear.  Should get more touches if Lamar Miller continues to disappoint.

Cincinnati, DEF (Available 92%). Recommendation: Do not pick up. The Bengals allow a lot of yardage (ranked 30th in NFL) and their fantasy points were inflated by a six-sack performance; one they are unlikely to repeat.

Wendell Smallwood, RB (Available NFL 98%). Recommendation: FA. While he benefitted the most from Sproles injury, his lack of experience and a crowded backfield make it difficult to endorse him as waiver-worthy.