Quick, Little Injury Update and Waiver Strategies

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So which players will be stylin’ and profilin’ in waivers?  But first, let’s look at the major injuries this week.

  • Julio Jones- not expected to miss any time.
  • Dalvin Cook- see you in 2018.  Devastating.  The Vikings truly are jinxed.
  • Derek Carr- Marcus Mariota, and – listed as “Questionable” for week 5.
  • Chris Carson- Out indefinitely with a possible ankle fracture or high ankle sprain.


So if your team has been leveled by one of the injuries, there are some viable players that should be available in your league.  Some players are worth claiming before they clear waivers on Wednesday.  Otherwise, I’ll advise you to wait until free agency, or not to both picking them up at all.

  • Waiver Worthy:
    • Latavius Murray- average double-digits fantasy points in 2015 and 2016.
    • Andre Ellington- got the majority of snaps for the Cardinals this week and a staggering 14 targets.
    • and of course Deshaun Watson, available in 85% of fantasy leagues on NFL.com
    • and of course, of course, Doug Martin.  He’s available sporadically, but he’s a more proven commodity than anyone else being targeted this week and should be in the mix for your top waiver claim.
  • Free Agent Finds:
    • Eddie Lacy vs Thomas Rawls.  The Seattle backfield is still a cluster, so I’d only pick one of these guys up if I had to.  Not worth a waiver selection.
    • Alvin Kamara- scored double-digits for the second week in a row, due to his speed and 10 targets. The crowded backfield is always a problem, so take him as a free agent this week, not waivers.
    • Wendell Smallwood- 16 touches for 13.9 points.  Pretty good, but will probably split touches 50/50 with LaGarrett Blount.
    • Will Fuller- if he scored double digits again next week, he’ll be on the Waiver list.
    • Aaron Jones- he put up double-digit points, but take away his touchdown and he’s only got less than five points.  Let’s see him do it twice.
  • Don’t Bother:
    • Willie Gallman
    • J.D. McKissic
    • Jerick McKinnon
    • Devin Funchess
    • Charles Clay

There’s a lot to digest here, but truly there is something for everyone as the rash of injuries have created new opportunities for some exciting prospects.

Check back later today for my fantasy football projections for week 5.