So how did I do last week?

Week ten was veddy-veddy good to me.  I struggled a little in my Yahoo leagues, causing me worry that I may have my first week with a losing record (more than half of my 21 teams losing their game) since 2015.  TWENTY-FIFTEEN!  Correct… it’s been two years since I had a losing record spanning all of my teams in a given week.  So here’s how last week broke down:

  • My teams went 15-6.
  • While my opponents’ median score was 82.50, I almost outscored them by 10 points; posting 91.5.
  • On average, my teams are ranked 3.48 in their respective leagues.
  • 16 of my 21 teams would qualify for the playoff if the season ended today: 76%

So why were my teams so successful? First, I use the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix® to draft my teams.  And to set my lineups, I use my own projections found on this site.  Here are my latest projections.  I have The Most Accurate Projections in the Business® because my point projections for 130 players each week are off by less than a point per player on average.