Regular Season Recap: Do You Want What I Have?

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done this, so please forgive me.  I haven’t done an update on how my teams are performing in a few weeks, so I’ll provide that update now.  You really should care about this because:

  1. I need the validation
  2. You need to know that the Fantasy Football Draft Matrix and The Most Accurate Projections in the Business work for me, and they can work for you, too.

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You may recall that I made the playoffs in 21 out of 22 leagues last year.  I don’t even expect that kind of success.  But I do typically make the playoffs in 75% of my league and make the finals in half of the leagues I enter.  Let’s see how my 2017 season compares to those benchmarks…

  • Week 11 regular season record: 16-5.
  • Week 12 regular season record: 15-6.
  • Week 13 regular season record: 16-5.
  • Week 14 regular season: 7-5.

First of all… I did it again. I did not have a single week where I lost more games than I won.  We all agree there is a good amount of luck in fantasy football.  You’re number one pick can be lost for the season.  You may put up 120 points and lose, but then score 75 the next week and win.  That said, you’d think I’d have a losing week from time-to-time.  Well, it hasn’t happened since the 2015 season.

You may notice I played fewer games in week 14.  That’s because those ESPN leagues assign two weeks to play one playoff game  Therefore my ESPN teams that made the playoffs have not completed their first-round game yet.

Also, you may recall during the end of the season, Rob Gronkowski and Greg Olsen missed playing time. I also had limited internet access at that time so I started those two players on numerous teams, essentially playing my opponents one man down.  But still, I continue to win.

So how did my teams finish, who is in the playoffs, etc?

  • 17 out of my 21 teams made the playoffs (finished in 4th place or better in the regular season: 81%.  If only 4 teams make the playoffs in a 10-team, the percentage of teams that actually make the playoffs is an even 40%.  At 81%, I succeed at twice that rate.
  • I had 4 first place teams.  So 19% of my teams finished first in the regular season.  That said, only 1 team can finish first in a ten team league: 10%.  Again, I’m succeeding at twice the rate of my competition.
  • None of my teams finished lower than 6th place.
  • My record in week 15: 9 wins, 8 losses.  (Phew)
  • 9 of my teams are going to the finals.  I’m in 21 leagues, so 43% of my teams made the finals this year.  I usually score a rate of 50% in this area, but I’m still outpacing the competition by double the rate of success.

So there you have it, folks.  I’ll get my week 16 projections up by tomorrow morning.  Good luck in the finals!