Panic Button Monday

As far as I can tell, I whiffed on one guy: Tarik Hill.  But look at it this way… this is as good as it’s ever going to get for him…

I’m “only” in 17 leagues so far (I’ll get it up to 20+ over the next week) and I don’t know how else to say it so I’m just gonna say it… I’m going to go 15-2 this week.  Possibly 14-3.  Probably 15-2. And this, my friends, is NOT as good as it’s going to get for me.

You think you might want to listen when I tell you to take Gronk in the second?

Did you call a bounce-back season for Drew Brees?  Did you have Philip Rivers at QB6 on your cheatsheet?  I did.  And I did.

You didn’t have Melvin Gordon in that top tier with Gurley, Bell, and Elliott, and Johnson.  I said it.   And you forgot about Jordan Howard, didn’t you?  I didn’t go overly crazy on Dalvin Cook, who didn’t go crazy either.  I saw value in Carlos Hyde, Lamar Miller, and Tevin Coleman.  People laughed when I ranked Chris Thompson at 15 in my PPR projections.  Now they are crying.  Know who else is crying?  Those that drafted Royce Freeman.  17 teams and I didn’t draft him once.

For the uninitiated, I write this article every season on the first Monday after the first Sunday of the NFL Season.  Let me guess… your team sucks.  Well, it probably does.  But maybe not.  Just remember: S.T.O.P.


Take a step back.



I didn’t make that up, but I could have.  I learned it in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy class and, dang… does it work like a charm.  Especially in crisis.

Now, to paraphrase Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and Mr. Perfect, I’m not the type to say I told you so but, I told you so.  You like a little uh, Deshaun Watson?  Maybe thinkin’ of that good-looking guy in San Fran?  Well they all came back to earth, just as I thought.  But you’re feeling good about Barkley, who got 12.8 points on one touch, 7 points on the rest.  Well… there might be something there, Jacksonville’s defense is tough.

I’m just kidding.  He looks spectacular.  And so do I. I am going to win my usual share of Fantasy Football championships this year (about 1 per every 4 leagues I enter) despite the fact that.. all together now… I didn’t draft Barkley once.