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Amari Cooper has been playing more like Winnie Cooper… until last week.


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An injury week for the ages will spell the demise for many a fantasy football owner.  But (more…)

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Here are the players who are getting the most opportunities.

The WR’s leading this week in targets:

  • Doug Baldwin- 15
  • Larry Fitzgerald- 15
  • Emanuel Sanders- 15
  • Antonio Brown- 14
  • Odell Beckham- 13
  • A.J. Green- 13
  • Mike Evans- 12
  • Julio Jones- 12
  • Ty Montgomery- 12


These WR’s have the most targets in the entire season:

  • DeAndre Hopkins- 37
  • Antonio Brown- 36
  • Larry Fitzgerald- 34
  • A.J. Green- 31
  • Keenan Allen- 29
  • Emmanuel Sanders- 29
  • Doug Baldwin- 28
  • Alshon Jeffery- 28

Red Zone targets this season:

  • Larry Fitzgerald- 8
  • Dez Bryant- 7
  • Sterling Shepard- 6
  • Amari Cooper-5
  • Stefon Diggs- 5
  • T.Y. Hilton- 5
  • Chris Hogan- 5
  • Allen Hurns- 5

RB Touches in Week 3

  • Todd Gurley- 33
  • Dalvin Cook- 32
  • Jordan Howard- 28
  • Carlos Hyde- 28
  • Frank Gore- 26
  • Ezekiel Elliott- 25


RB Touches in this season

  • Todd Gurley- 76
  • Dalvin Cook- 71
  • Ezekiel Elliott- 67
  • LeSean McCoy- 66
  • Le’Veon Bell- 65
  • Leonard Fournette- 65


Goodness.  Last week, my projections were only off by (more…)

Before we get to how slightly awesome I was in fantasy football in week 3, let’s take a moment to pause so that we may honor (more…)

ESPN has Derrick Henry ranked, WHERE???

Thousands of stats out there, but really at the end of the day,  just tell me
who to start, ya know?  Well, first, check my projections.  That’s a good place to start since last week, my projections per player were off by less than 0.5 points… less than 1/2 of a point per player. (more…)

What to do about Gronk? What to do about Cam? What to do about Zeke?  Tell you what, with those three first names, you’ve got yourself a hell of a boy band. My projections were off by only 0.4 points per player last week (LESS THAN 1/2 OF A POINT!)


Well, it’s credit taking time.  With most players having two weeks under their belts, they are starting create an impression of what their season will look like and with that, the boom vs bust conversations will also start to materialize.  Here are my latest revelations: 

Okay, time to update your Fantasy Football Draft Matrix based on today’s latest projections. (more…)